Armand Gabriel Allard Duplantier

         (1753 - 1827)

       "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." 

                                George Santayana                                                                                 The Life of Reason


This site is dedicated to the French/American Duplantier family, and to its distinguished forebear, 
Armand Gabriel Allard Duplantier.

Armand Gabriel Allard Duplantier

                            (1753 - 1827)

Armand Duplantier was a ambitious Frenchman with a love for adventure and a quest for accomplishment.  Born just before a period of profound revolutionary change in the western world, Armand’s life was influenced by revolution, both in his native France and in the emergent United States of America.  He was not just an observer of this change, but an active military participant who became a seminal figure in French Colonial Louisiana history. 

Armand was a friend and confidant of the Marquis de Lafayette; a participant in the Revolutionary War; subject of letters from George Washington; correspondent with Thomas Jefferson; lord of the important Magnolia Mound Plantation on the Mississippi River below Baton Rouge; benefactor of housing to General James Wilkinson and his troops during the Battle of New Orleans; and host and companion of Gen. Lafayette during the triumphant return of Lafayette to the United States in 1826.  Armand died one year later.  Perhaps most importantly, Armand and his many children were the progenitors of the large Duplantier family in Louisiana, now populated throughout this country. 

Armand never forgot his native Voiron in France, but could not be constrained by the provincialism of pre-revolutionary France.  He was inexorably drawn to America by the adventures it offered to him, and by the manifest freedoms and unrestrained commerce available to an opportunistic young man.  Armand witnessed, participated in and was influenced by many of the important events that shaped the new republic during the turbulent and significant decades of the late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century.  His life was difficult and complicated and not without mistakes and misfortunes.  Armand and those who followed him deserve to be remembered and memorialized for the legacies that they have bequeathed to those of us that have followed them and for the generations yet to come.  That, in some small measure, is what this site seeks to do.                                            

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